About Kraków

Kraków’s history spans a millennium: it was the seat of Polish kings and the capital of the country, developing into one of the key European metropolitan centres. The Old Town is an exceptional treasury of works of art, with traces of history and heritage representing nearly all architectural styles from the early Middle Ages to contemporary times.

Currently, the city of Krakow is inhabited by 762 000 regular residents, although every year it also becomes home to several thousand visitors who hold temporary residence here, mostly students. It is the second largest city in Poland. Not only is it the administrative hub of the Małopolska Voivodeship, but it also forms a supra-regional academic and economic centre – a valuable business partner for investors.

Kraków is also a city with a dynamic cultural life. In 2000 it was a European City of Culture. Every year, nearly 100 festivals and other events, many of world magnitude, are held here; notably Misteria Paschalia, Sacrum Profanum, the Jewish Culture Festival, and the Kraków Film Music Festival (FMF). It is also a city of modern museums, where visitors are invited to discover history in an interactive manner.

Welcome to Krakow – a city steeped in rich historical tradition which harmoniously blends in with all the modern day challenges, where a natural reverence for age-old heritage walks hand in hand with the dynamic development of modern technologies and the creative ingenuity of all those who live and work here. A city that makes you feel this is just the right place to work, live and simply enjoy yourself…

For more information on what to do in & around Kraków during your visit – krakow.pl