Welcome Letter from Naples International Airport

Dear Delegates,

I am honoured to welcome you to the 11th ACI Regional Airport Conference and Exhibition which is being held in the unique context of the city of Naples.

Naples Airport is an active ACI Europe member and we believe that the Association is playing an important role in effectively representing the needs of the airport industry to policy makers. It is also doing an outstanding job in facilitating cross fertilization and best practice transfer in our challenging business, which is particularly important for regional airports.

This is why we will do our best to contribute to the success of this year’s RACE encounter and to ensure that your stay in Naples be memorable.

Last June, Naples Airport won the prestigious ACI Europe award in the 5-10 million passengers’ category. The airport, singled out for its excellent combination of smart airport management working with tourism development, was recognized as a great economic driver of regional tourism. We intend to honor the award by organizing a productive conference and providing warm hospitality.

Naples will welcome you with its colors, natural wonders and archaeological treasures. One of the most striking cities in Italy, Naples was founded in the 5th century B.C. by the Greeks and boasts centuries of history. The historical stratification of styles visible in its historic center, the largest in Europe, contributed to its being named a UNESCO world heritage site.

During your visit, we hope you will be able to unveil the city with its breathtaking castles, sculptures and panoramas and lose yourselves in the narrow alleyways which lead to mysterious churches, catacombs and underground caves.

This city, filled with history, culture, traditions, offers unparalleled cuisine with a variety of dishes to satisfy any food lover: pasta, street food, pastries and the world’s most delicious and authentic pizza.

We look forward to hosting you in a vibrant city where heart and passion are combined with excellence and innovation.

Hope to meet you next May

Armando Brunini
Chief Executive Officer
Naples International Airport